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Why do we have rooms?

We would like to make your pets' temporary home as homely as possible. Therefore we have equipped the rooms with furniture and depending on the size of the rooms, between 2 and 4 dogs will be occupied, so that your darling can sleep in a small group. So each of our four-legged guests gets the opportunity to rest.

❝ At your home - at our home ❞

Why do we have so many separate outlets?

We have made the experience that smaller packs are less stressful for our four-legged friends. Especially the uncastrated males do not always like to play with other uncastrated males ;-)

We divide our guests according to age, sex, size, constitution, castrated or un-castrated, compatible or not so compatible, in packs in the order of 5-10 dogs.

This means that the dogs are working to capacity, but not overloaded.

How did the idea for the Wuffotel actually come about?

When I fulfilled my dream of having my own dog in 2001 (an Australian Shepherd male blue merle - at that time nobody knew him) I also started with dog sports and training work. In 2002 the question arose for the first time, where to go with Sammy when we want to go on holiday. Everything I looked at at that time, I did not like.

I wanted my dog to be accommodated in a species-appropriate, clean and not too expensive way, with loving people who stroke him sometimes and with plenty of opportunity to romp around outside.

So slowly the idea arose, why not open an own animal pension? But that was not so easy!

For years it was not possible to find a suitable property, either too expensive, too small, too little space, too close neighbours or,....

But in 2011 it should be ready, the old NATO barracks in Grevenbroich-Kapellen are ideally located, we do not disturb our neighbours, we have plenty of meadows for exercise and furthermore the possibility to put all dogs in rooms where the soldiers used to live.

We have extensively renovated and embellished and since May 2012 we have been welcoming our four-legged day and pension guests.

Do you have any questions?